Kayak Dreams

I have decided to become a kayak instructor. I don’t own a kayak   But being a kayak instructor….how hard could it be?  I could talk to loons all day! I would be outside! I could just breathe….   3 weeks ago i ran a marathon Last sunday i ran a half marathon Today i … More Kayak Dreams

The smell of you

I dreamed of my dad last night. I dont’ remember the dream- just the feeling of him….the feeling of calmness he gave me.  I remember the feeling that I was loved beyond belief.  I remember realizing it was a dream and not wanting it to end….to have him drift away.  It was 4:30 in the … More The smell of you

Ice Cream Smiles

Dinner is bubbling on the stove and music is softly playing.  I sip an icy glass of water and I smile.  It has been a good day. First, I got locked out of my car but called my brother so was able to walk along my beautiful river and share the morning with him.  Then, … More Ice Cream Smiles


I am a divorced, single woman.  To my married friends, I am that weird unknown territory.  “When are you getting married again?”  well meaning friends ask.  They do not understand my point of view. I do not fit into the neat plan of couple-hood that our society creates.  I am outside the realm of normal.  … More S-I-M-P-L-E

My Wing Men

93 days until the Chicago Marathon. 52 days until school starts. There is much to be done!!!  Time to call in my WING MEN!!!! So to ramp up my tired brain, and tired body, I started a group on Facebook, called Perfect 10.  The purpose is self-serving really…in trying to motivate myself to get out … More My Wing Men

Brand New

I realized recently that time circles back, that we sometimes go back to a place we never thought we’d go again, that when we circle back we are older, wiser and another person. Recently, I was skiing with my children at a resort with my brother.  I was nervous as i hadn’t skied in 15 years. … More Brand New

Dear Pa

Dear Pa, At dinner the other night, Elizabeth said, “We ARE going to the Women’s march Saturday in Boston, Mom, Right?”  (you would love her Pa!). “The boys will be with us so I’m not sure.”  I said hedging as I was not sure if this event was something I want to bring kids to. … More Dear Pa